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Welcome to HelpingBusinessDoBusiness.Com.

We are a very unique advertising company that helps business do business via our exclusive Digital Advertising Network. Our network of digital displays is ever growing and are housed in some of the finest business locations.

We have two types of clients, Advertisers and Digital Display Hosts. Both want to grow their business. Our advertising clients are looking for effective ways to maintain and grow their customer base. Our Digital Advertising hosts are also looking to maintain and grow their business.

We create partnerships between our clients that help both business’s grow. We do this by forming partnerships where both of our customers promote the others business. There are many ways this can be done and most every partnership is unique in some way.

As an example, you advertise in our local Digital Display at the Fitness Center and you the Advertiser pay for your advertisement and also hand out 30 day free trial coupons for the Fitness Center to your employees and friends. This way both of our clients the Fitness Center and the Advertiser will be able to grow their business.

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